Advice and food for thought for executives that are looking for a new job. Our guide provides concrete and clear advice for the entire job search and can help you sharpen your skills and secure a better offer.


Before you dig deeper into the advice on these pages, we would like to share a few preliminary thoughts about the job search of executives in today's job market.

In the last 20 years, we have been constantly amazed at how technology continues to dramatically impact the job search. We have seen numerous major advances that now enables executives to find a job much faster. There are also a lot of changes that have made it harder for some practices to continue delivering great results, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Although our online training courses do not specifically focus on the job search for executives, you can certainly find a lot of valuable advice there as well. Since all our courses are completely self-paced and free to use, you really have nothing to loose. Our role is not to help you get a job. We want to help you make job hunting easier and faster. We want to give you maximum coverage and a great convenience. We believe your focus should be to find the right job for you. People who have taken our training and read these pages before you, have told us that they appreciated the information and that it made them think. It also allowed them to strengthen their own job search efforts and increase the success rate in every step of the job search process.

Eighteen million people will look for executive jobs, just like you, but the vast majority will leave the process frustrated. One reason is that the technology has blurred the line between active and passive job seekers, which means that you face a lot more competition. This means you need to work harder and produce an even more professional job search campaign than just a few years ago.

With the right approach, changing industries is much easier than it used to be in the past. If you approach your search with an open mind about exploring all of your real possibilities and venture into growth areas that may at first feel unfamiliar to you, you will greatly increase the chance of finding a new challenge that actually turns out to be a challenge.

When people generate a lot of interviews and interest in their profile, they feel better and end up getting even better results. Much better results! Think of it this way. If you had a valuable piece of art to auction off, would you prefer 15 or 25 bidders, or just 1 or 2? Smart executives will look past these numbers and instant gratification. They will know that all they really need is one fish to take the bait hook line and sinker. They are just fishing for one job and for that, all you really need is one interview. Changing your mental image of what success looks like, can really greatly increase your chances of landing that next dream job.

Contacting expanding firms is vital to the success of most job seekers. It is important to understand how your skills can be transferred to those areas as it will greatly increase your chances of getting hired. Trust us when we say this, growth industries are where the action is! That is where you can get the really great salary developments that you will never see in a saturated market.

A common perception among employers is that good executives don't last long in the open job market. So, if you are unemployed, you should not waste time. Start looking for new opportunities, because time is really off the essence. If you are in a tight spot, please consider contacting us for a more hands on advice and support services.

We can almost guarantee that you couldn't identify fifty percent of your own strengths. Simply because you are too close to your own experiences. Our training programs will help you discover more about yourself and see yourself in a different light. It will shift your focus from the internal and self-centered view point that have caused so many job seekers to remain unemployed for much longer than they would have to.

Age is not really the barrier to new employment that the press makes it out to be. Many of the senior job seekers that we have come in contact with are connecting with fast-growing companies, especially firms in new and exciting industries. Companies with challenges always have a need for experienced and successful talent to join their ranks.

The immense volume of resumes that are e-mailed, or posted online, has greatly complicated the search process for even the most gifted executive job seeker. Old approaches don't work quite as well as they used to and it is essential to start thinking out of the box. We are here to help you come up with your very own strategy for success.

Many executives have revealed details in their applications that they have later regretted. Privacy issues connected with the Internet have many implications and it is certainly something you need to consider as you initiate your next job search.

What your references say about you is important, but the way they do it is of the utmost importance. Enthusiasm and conviction are the cornerstone of every great referral. So please, pick some references that are enthusiastic about you and your accomplishments! The higher up in the management chain, the more likely your next position will be created for you or reshaped to fit your unique talents. These positions often yield the greatest satisfaction for you. Higher up, the risk is also greater. Your real security will rest with your marketability and the skills you acquire in the process of hunting for that next opportunity. This includes sharpening your interviewing and negotiating skills—which you may believe are very good already.

When it comes to interviews, many executives believe their natural skills will carry the day. This thinking can be dangerous and in a highly competitive market, it is not recommended. There are three critical phases to effective high level interviewing: reading people, building chemistry throughout and overcoming objections. All of these are addressed in our interview strategy course, which is available to all our members for free.

We respect our clients' skills in negotiating. However, few of us are real experts at negotiating for ourselves. After all, if we played golf only once every few years, how good could we expect to be? It is important that you immerse yourself in the negotiation process as well. You need to come ready to swing the bat and most importantly, step up to bat.

Executives who use old approaches often experience months of trial and error, which extends their job search duration to a dangerous amount of time. New methods and technology enable you to get connected and quickly get hired into your next position. We believe that you should take a scientific approach to all the actions you consider. This can be an important key in enabling you to really control your own destiny. Regardless of how strong your accomplishments list may be, your background alone will not necessarily motivate another employer to hire you. So, we will be focusing on ways to add interest beyond your obvious credentials.

We believe in executive networking, if it is done properly. But with all the other ways to get connected today, it is not as significant to executives looking for a new challenge, as in the past. This handbook will cover our philosophy in this area as well.