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This handbook is designed to be very easy to read and updated as market conditions chnage. This ensures that you have the latest and most current advice, based upon our experiences and the U.S. economy. Even though or online training videos do not specifically target executives as of yet, we encourage you to click the free join button and take advantage of the courses already available. They will help you get more out of your job search and increase the results from your search.

While this is written with executives in mind, each year we receive thousands of letters from professionals and senior managers that shared their experiences on how the strategies in this handbook helped them in their job search. They also mention that it helped them transition into the next level in their career. Enabling them to break that glass ceiling. These comments are highly valued and we invite and appreciate any suggestions.

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What Executives Who've Read This Book Have Said

The concepts contained in this handbook have benefited clients and non-clients alike. Listed below is a small sample of comments we have received.

"Perhaps the most readable and actionable business book I have ever read." —Frank Williams, New Mexico

"Excellent—have been in HR for 20 years and never read a job hunting book this helpful." —Richard Harris, Texas

"Put me in a completely new and successful frame of mind. I have read it three times." — Elainor Kaylan, Arizona

"Extremely effective for one who is job hunting for the first time in a while. An invaluable source."—Ken Berger, Illinois

"Outstanding! By far the best work ever in this field." —George Pearson, New York

"I feel like this may sound maudlin, but I feel like a drowning man who has been thrown a life preserver." —Sam Battle, California

"A great personal aid. Tells you precisely what to do, and how to do it." —Sandra Hines, Indiana

"The easiest to read, most informative book on the subject. The direct mail, interviewing and negotiation sections were most helpful." —Harold Simms, Tennessee

"Your ideas are worth their weight in gold to anyone in search of significant advancement." —Daryll Arts, Missouri

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