The marketing plan will serve as a blueprint for your entire job search and possible even entire career. It enables you to take balanced actions through a range of channels with the end goal of generating interviews. The systematic approach can enable you to search with far less strain or worry.


Why a Balanced Plan Is Essential to Your Search

Over the years, there have been many occasions when we have seen equally talented executives produce varying results. One will struggle while the other moves with surprising speed and confidence. Those who move with speed have usually had the benefit of a game plan in mind for running their search.

We refer to this as having a marketing action plan—a step-by-step track to guide your efforts. In today's competitive arena most people will never get enough interviews if they use a hit-or-miss approach, or if they depend on one action source ... e.g. searching for openings or depending on resume mailings. Taking a narrow approach trusts too much to fate.

When we go to work for you, we will have a team of specialists create a highly customized plan. Normally, we design it around a 10 to 16 week timetable, depending upon the situation. We will also address what you should do week by week. It is a complete track to follow—taking full advantage of all our experience.

For many executives, job hunting is largely a matter of having the numbers on your side. For this reason, our action plans are often targeted to produce 15 to 25 positive responses that might lead to interviewing opportunities. This is necessary because the goal is to have several offers maturing at the same time, and you have to be realistic about rejections.

As part of a balanced marketing plan we never expect too much from any single action channel. For example, we might want to get two or three situations through each of the following actions below.

These might include situations arising from:

  1. searching openings
  2. resume distributions to recruiters
  3. responding to spot opportunities
  4. developing personal contacts
  5. custom direct mail to CEOs
  6. resumes sent to venture capitalists
  7. networking specific industry targets
  8. direct mail to growth firms etc.

A good plan can cut job hunting time in half —saving you tens of thousands of dollars. It also helps people produce better results. We have found that when executives generate a lot of activity in a concentrated time period, they feel better and end up getting even better results.