We have developed a growing reputation for developing a training course that enables you to create the most distinctive and compelling resumes in the world. It is important for you to understand the philosophy behind our methodology.


95 Percent of All Resumes Are Inadequate

Unfortunately, when we look for a job, we are reduced to how we look on paper. Yet, 95 percent of all resumes are inadequate. They are average in appearance, disclose too many liabilities, are uninteresting, and are rarely about the benefits people can bring a new employer.

Since the early 1990s, the growth in the use of PCs, fax machines, the Internet and e- mail has resulted in firms receiving 20 to 50 times more resumes than in the past. Staffing Industry sources have indicated that 30,000,000 resumes are being circulated in the U.S. As a result, many employers and recruiters have embraced resume-scanning software and shifted to new ways of selection.

In this environment, our management, as a result of tracking thousands of client searches, has developed a more effective approach, one which utilizes several types of executive resumes, all carefully targeted for different applications. This has afforded our clients a significant edge.

Seven Key Guidelines for Writing Superior Resumes

  1. Each resume must clearly specify all the positions a person can fill. This is essential when hundreds of resumes are submitted for each position.
  2. The beginning of each resume must offer a strong marketing story that can be read in 30 seconds or less. This, too, is absolutely essential.
  3. Each resume must be distinctive and superior in image when placed with others. When you go through a stack of 200 resumes, image counts.
  4. Each resume must minimize the telegraphing of any liabilities that could rule someone out.
  5. Each resume must communicate the critical skills and the benefits you can bring. Even some top executives forget that skills and benefits are what it is all about.
  6. The resume writing style must project a genuine and compelling story to the reader.
  7. The resume wording must work with today's resume-scanning software.

New Rules of the Game and Solution Resumes

With resumes playing such a critical role for our clients, we've invested countless hours in testing different ideas. We have learned that an "A" resume is not just two times more effective than a "B" resume - it's more like 100 times more effective.

Many executives have told us that they have mailed out over 5,000 resumes prepared by a national mailing service and got nothing in return. On the other hand, a strategic placement of 1,000 of our resumes, highly targeted by industry and all sent in one day, produced significant activity and several very attractive offers.

The resumes we write are geared toward reducing interviewing pressure, by pre-selling our clients as much as possible. The ideal reaction on the receiving end should be, "Paul, I've been looking forward to seeing you. I have the feeling you can really help."

Our resumes are also solutions to each client's situation, materials that package all of our client's skills and experiences. This is the role of high-level professional copy-writing. Personal and powerful, the style, tone and every word of our resumes are carefully crafted. Resumes for Generating Activity: Your "Universal Resume"

The most essential resume that anyone needs is what we call a universal resume - a unique one-page document that will be your introductory resume in most job search situations.

Most people mistakenly believe that they need to tell their whole story in their initial resume. The reality is that you get better results when your initial resume is interesting, with a feeling of action - but short! The whole purpose is simply to get the phone ringing.

For each of our clients, we professionally draft a universal resume. Our materials are suitable for key word scanning, with short paragraphs, and as easy to read and compelling as possible. From a content standpoint, we start with a clear job title positioning statement which reflects the real job titles that employers are seeking to fill, and for which you want to be considered.

Resumes for Generating Activity: Your "Quick-Response Resume"

You need a different type of resume to compete online. Few people understand the issues when they e-mail or post their resume online, and it is surprising how few devote any thought to the way their resumes appear at the receiving end of an e-mail transmission.

For each of our clients, we create an electronic resume. They are short. The style and format maximize visual and keyword search effectiveness. When you are online, less is more. All you want is a response.

Because much of job searching is a game of numbers and timing, you also need a resume which makes it easy for you to respond quickly to certain situations. With the information capability of our private website at your fingertips, using this style of resume makes it easier to get a lot of resumes into serious play.

For each of our clients, we professionally create this resume. It positions the text on the right-hand side of the page so that you can write handwritten notes and dispatch a resume without a cover letter. Our clients consistently tell us that targeted executives have responded particularly well to their written notes which cited a reaction to something they noticed on our website, usually either industry statistics, trends or an article or story that appeared in the media.

Resumes for Closing: Your "Interview Resume"

An interview resume is designed to be a persuasive summary of your experiences - one which intentionally reveals more about you. It is for leaving behind at interviews, once you have made a strong impression - and when it is clear that employers want to know more about what you can contribute.

Crafting something superior takes at least a full day of our professional time, but we have found that this resume can be very effective as a selling document when used in this manner.

People at all levels can benefit from having this resume. Our clients either develop it from our examples, or really with the help of our detailed step-by-step guide.

Resumes for Closing: Your "CEO Biography"

The CEO biography is an extremely powerful document. It is recommended only for those who are competing for a CEO or COO job, or who expect to be hired with the approval of the president or CEO.

Over the years, we have seen many situations where an executive fully expected an offer from a president ? but subsequently saw interest drift away. The reason is that decision makers often "pass on" a resume to the top executive or board members, to get consensus. The offer becomes dependent on the resume presentation, since interviewing all top candidates might be impossible.

Our CEO bios are three, four, or five pages, and written from a third-party perspective. Typically, they are long stories that are rich in detail.

Creating this document takes our staff two days. This includes multiple drafts and review by other staff. This type of document is also highly favored by top-tier recruiters because it makes their job easier when submitting final candidates whom they want to present at their best. CEOs prefer it because it can help sell someone they like to their board members.

We can supply samples to guide you, or as an option, we can professionally write this document for you.

Marketing Letters You May Require

We supply our clients with an excellent sample letter package including 75 of the most productive letters we've used over thousands of campaigns.

A number of samples, very easy to adapt, are included for each of 12 applications they may encounter. However, some executives prefer to have us professionally draft their letters, anticipating the full range of situations they may encounter. Having your letters prepared in advance and supplied on diskette makes job hunting far more convenient. The portfolio we typically create includes letters for the following occasions:

  • For responding to openings
  • For contacting recruiters
  • For contacting venture capitalists
  • For responding to spot opportunities
  • For direct mail contact with employers
  • For sponsored direct mail to employers
  • For contacting directors of associations
  • For networking associates and friends
  • For networking alumni from your university
  • For networking influential people
  • For setting up potential references
  • For following up your interviews

How Some of Our Clients View the Role of Our Resumes

"Your service is unique in many respects. However, my experience was that the creative materials were the key. I worked closely with a few of your people and appreciate the effort it took to uncover not just my assets, but interesting stories to go along with them. From the minute I read what they prepared, my confidence was lifted. Essentially, it was your resumes that allowed me to go from zero activity on my own, to all the discussions I could reasonably schedule."

"I've become president of a 0 million firm. The work you put into creating my marketing materials was apparent at a glance. Adjectives would not adequately convey my admiration for your copy-writing staff. The four page CEO biography was particularly outstanding. My job came through the Korn/Ferry office in Washington, D.C. My bio clearly set me apart from several other accomplished candidates."

"When I retain a service firm, it is to have them do things for me I cannot do on my own. Your staff are clearly into what works, and seem to be light years ahead in your field. I used each of your resumes over the course of my search. They all played their role."

"Your development of customized written materials expanded my potential in the job market by a very significant level. There are many things your firm does, but with 25 years of experience, I realize now that I never really told my story properly. Your resumes were the key to my success."

" What helped me was what your staff refers to as the solution part of preparing materials. In recent years, I had a string of short term experiences. The difficulties with my employers were completely unforeseeable when I accepted the positions. Your staff did an excellent job in the way they communicated these recent experiences in the written materials, and how they compensated for my concerns about my age."

"I've always been an excellent communicator and have taken pride in my writing. In deciding to use your service, I had to overcome the mental barrier of admitting that I couldn't quite get it done on my own. The reality is that the depth of research coming out of your CHAMP form and marketing evaluation profile made a major difference. Your written materials had depth, were very well targeted, interesting and quick-moving throughout. They were far better than anything I have ever done. Very impressive!"