Contacting venture capitalists can be an effective approach for certain executives. This discussion will briefly acquaint you with the growing role that venture capitalists play in recruiting.


We track 2,600 of the leading venture capitalists and Leveraged Buyout (LBO) firms. Many have assumed an active role in hiring for firms in which they have an investment. Candidates who generate the most interest from these firms are normally executives who are candidates for "C" level positions (COO, CTO, etc.) or those who can fill a role as head of a line function (VP Sales, etc.).

Assuming you have qualifications that would be of interest to these firms, it can be a great strategy moving forward. If you are a particularly good candidate for using this action channel, you may even see some national interest.

Those who do best with venture capitalists are primarily in their 30s and 40s. Typically, they have experience with well known firms and have advanced degrees.

Sample Letter for Sending to Venture Capitalists

Dear Mr. Doe,

I know from past discussions with venture capital firms that you need to search for second-stage management about as often as you recruit for start-ups, and that turnaround experience is part of the mix of requirements. My second-stage rapid growth and turnaround achievements are significant.

By way of introduction, as a Fortune 500 executive and marketing leader, I have enjoyed a classical marketing and management career including key positions with well-known firms and brands such as Lever Brothers, Lipton, Borden and Good Humor. My experience encompasses growth through such positions as Director of Product Management, Marketing Director, Senior Vice President of Sales and President.

Entrepreneurial by nature, I also have more than a decade of experience in start-ups and turnaround management. I have consistently increased sales, expanded market share, reduced costs, and streamlined operations in a wide range of situations.

As a venture capitalist, your ear is close to the ground regarding new business opportunities in the consumer product area. With that in mind, I am requesting a brief meeting in which we could exchange industry knowledge.

I will contact you in a few days to determine a time when we can meet. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you in advance. A detailed biography is attached.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Larry Morgan

(123) 456-7890

How Some of Our Clients View Contacting Venture Captalists

"I used your service and have accepted a position. It came through contacting a venture capitalist in Atlanta. My background is in biochemistry and I had been a sales executive with Novartis. I could not be more pleased. However, I would not recommend the venture capital route for everyone. I am 53 years old and in the course of investing a lot of time with VC firms, had very little response because of my age. Their preference is for younger executives. I did have several things emerge, but all were related to my previous industry experience and my MBA and Ph.D. My new position is President— Chief Operating Officer of a firm with million in initial financing.

"I am 32 years old, have a BS from Northwestern and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Most recently, I had been with a major consulting firm for five years and engaged JMAC for only one goal. I wanted to make the shift from staff work as a consultant to a line position in general management. Raising a family, I also wanted much less travel. I had a lot of response from venture capitalists, even in the slower economy. However, while I have landed an excellent position, my starting guaranteed package is 5,000 ... ,000 less than my guaranteed package last year. My stock option package is really what the opportunity is about."